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Dec 1, 2013 10:25pm EST
is you do have companies have moved jobs overseas because of corporate tax rate, workers here, rules, regulations, or other types of policies. to try to get the countries to -- and they are, reshore the jobs back to america. in order to retain our jobs, we have to have the right skill our, the right education in nation to be able to provide those employers with the skills we need. now, we have a mismatch. back 55 years ago. of the jobs in america needed a high school degree to reach the middle class. your word, byron, middle class. to reach the middle class to make a good wage in america. ecause of technology, innovation, how we travel across the world and how we compete in global economy, now that number has dropped down it's not 79% anymore. it's around 35% of our jobs in high school a diploma, which means we have a big skill scant. it's in the manufacturing jobs, john. you can't show up with a high get l degree and expect to a job in a manufacturing plant. you have to have some type of to do, to read, to write, basic math, to operate to machinery, the equipment, the things that yo
Dec 8, 2013 10:00pm EST
? is the uk taxpayer funding a tax of stolenthe transfer funds? be familiar with the tax laws. i think we'll move on to the next -- don't see -- >> order, mr. ellis. perhaps we must go to the the 1930s.n asking you questions. were you surprised at the amount of intelligence gathering which revealed as a result of what snowden gave to your newspaper media outlets? >> i think many people are the amount of -- > gave yourself, if i may interrupt, were you -- >> i was staggered. think we all knew that the intelligence agencies collected data.of and people are still trying to make out as though this data -- nothing has changed in the last 15 years since the laws were passed with a lot of analog laws that deal with the digital world. i think the last serious law passed about as 2000, athis material was time when facebook hasn't been doing d, when google was the initial funding round. and we're pretending that the really crocodile clips on copper wires are with the e to deal collection of maybe 3 billion metadata around those in a day. so, yes, there's a staggering mount of information being coll
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2